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A lot of work goes into making this annual Joint Spouses' Conference happen and it's all because of the hard work and dedication of it's Executive Board, General Board, Committee Members, and Volunteers.  The Joint Spouses' Conference Team is truly one of a kind as its comprised of military spouses of all ranks and services. 


Mahalo to our amazing team!


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Executive Board


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Lisa Carpenter


Cynthia Wade

General Board



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Committee Members


Lara Lundin

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Donations & Fundraising

Mai Hall

Anne Crowl

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Lisa Carpenter

Aloha, my name is Lisa Carpenter.  This year the U.S. Navy is hosting the Joint Spouses’ Conference and as a Navy spouse it is my honor to serve as Director of this wonderful organization.  I have a Masters degree in Communication and have worked in Marketing for close to 20 years.  It has been my pleasure putting together this team of incredibly talented spouses from all branches of service, which is what really makes the JSC so unique.  Our conference shines a light on what a wonderful opportunity it is to be based here in Hawai’i, and the JSC workshops give us the opportunity to learn and appreciate the history and culture of these beautiful islands and the vast amount of activities available to military spouses.  I am also the very proud wife of Senior Chief Ryan Carpenter of NIOC Hawai'i, and have been based in Hawai'i since 2006.


Aloha, I'm Cynthia and this year I am honored to serve as the Deputy of Administration for the Joint Spouses' Conference.  I have been in Hawai'i for close to a year now and I love all that Hawai'i has to offer:  food, outdoor fun, and an amazing climate!  As a fairly new Air Force wife to Technical Sergeant Roland Wade of the 324 IS, I knew that when we moved to Hawai'i I wanted to be part of an organization that had a positive military affiliation, stood for something meaningful, and was fun.  I was pleased to find all of those attributes in the Joint Spouses' Conference.  

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Aloha Spouses! I am a happily married Navy spouse to Petty Officer Marcus Killingsworth of NIOC Hawai'i, and have lived on beautiful O'ahu since August 2020.  I love exploring everything the island has to offer!  I've been working in higher education admissions for the bulk of my career and currently serve in an admissions and operations role for a university located in beautiful central New York state, my home state.  Being a relatively new military spouse and also new to the island inspired me to find a meaningful way to learn more about the community in which I am a part, while also finding a way to contribute to our shared community.  I want to make all military spouses feel connected after such a challenging year, excited about all O'ahu has to offer, and I hope to create a sense of belonging at the Joint Spouses' Conference and beyond. 


As a newly minted proud Navy spouse to Lieutenant Commander John Appelbaum and an even newer transplant to O'ahu, I knew that volunteering was going to be the best way for me to both meet like minded people and learn about my new community. Volunteering has always been a huge part of my life.  It has taught me much about myself and has helped me develop skill sets I never would have otherwise had the opportunity to learn.  When the opportunity with JSC presented itself, I jumped at the chance. Not only could I learn about my new home, but I could also learn from more seasoned military spouses about the unique military spouse community we make up.  In the short time I've been here, I've already met and learned from some wonderful military spouses and look forward to meeting and learning more as we plan this phenomenal event!

Lisa Killingsworth

Cynthia Wade

Coby Appelbaum

Donations & Fundraising


Ally Hughes

As a proud Air Force spouse to Staff Sergeant Keegan Hughes for over 11 years and a former President of the Scott Spouses' Club (Scott AFB, IL), I knew two main things when we made the move to O'ahu July 2020:  1. The best way to meet new people is to get involved. 2.Whatever I got involved with needed to be something I could also learn and grow more from. The Joint Spouses' Conference was the perfect fit! I continue to meet some amazing fellow military spouses as we plan an event that is all about learning new things, self-discovery, and meeting spouses who are from different backgrounds and all walks of life.

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I am the Joint Spouses’ Conference 2022 Secretary.  I am honored to be participating in this amazing opportunity that brings spouses from all services together.  As a veteran myself, I am grateful to again be involved in a joint environment and to be working with this wonderful team of military spouses.  I am married to Master Sergeant Sulejman Basic.  In my spare time, and after my morning coffee, my dogs like to take me for walks around the neighborhood and enjoy the warm O'ahu sunshine.  

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Although, my husband and I have been married for 10 years, he has only been in the Air Force for 6. After our first base, I knew I wanted to make more connections when we made it to Hawai'i. I attended the 2018 Joint Spouses' Conference and loved it. The workshops were fun but the chance to meet spouses from other branches was the best part. Once I saw an opportunity to join the board, I knew I had to. I went from being a math educator to educating my children at home. The JSC treasurer position allows me to volunteer and share my experience.

Maggie Basic

Nicki Sales