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The Joint Spouses' Conference could not happen without the hard work of it's Executive Board, General Board, Committee members, and volunteers.  
If you would like more information or are interested in joining the team, please email JSCDirectorHawaii@gmail.com. 


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Not sure you have the time to commit to one of the above positions?  Consider joining a committee or becoming an event volunteer!  As we get closer to the conference date, we will be updating this page with more ways you can get involved. 

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Board    Position Descriptions

Catering |  Works with the Executive Board and Conference facility to plan, organize, and monitor the catering of meals, beverages, and service for the Conference. May create a subcommittee if any catering needs become too involved. 

Conference Takeaway |  Procures items (i.e. pens, pads, door opportunity auction tickets, evaluation forms, etc.) and coordinates assembly of Conference takeaways.  


Decorations |  Works with the Executive Board and Conference facility to determine and organize the optimal decorating options.  May create a subcommittee if any decorating needs become too involved.  


Deputy Director - Administration |  Assists the Director in all matters concerning the Conference and, if necessary, assumes the position of Director in the Director's absence. Is the POC and an ex-officio member for the following Standing Committees:  Catering, Conference Takeaways, Decoration, Historian, Retail Sales, Parliamentarian, and Publicity.


Deputy Director - Operations |  Assists the Director in all matters concerning the Conference.  Is the POC and an ex-officio member for the following Standing Committees:  Hospitality & Volunteer Recruitment, Registration, Service Liaison & Transportation, Workshops, and Vendor Liaison. 

Director |  Coordinates and manages the annual Joint Spouses' Conference by working closely with Board members in the planning and execution of the conference.  Serves as spokesperson for the Conference and as Master of Ceremony. 

Donations & Fundraising |  Solicits monetary and tangible donations and is responsible for maintaining a database of donors and donations.  Collects donations and ensures notes of gratitude are submitted in a timely manner.  Organizes a Silent Auction and Opportunity drawings for Conference day.

Historian |  Maintains Historical digital archives for the Conference to include programs and photos.  Creates a display of archives at the annual Conference.  

Hospitality and Volunteer Recruitment |  Recruits and trains volunteers to serve as Hostesses/Hosts for Conference day.  In coordination with the Board, coordinates the number of volunteers needed per class and for setup/tear down.  During Conference day, maintains a lost and found/first aide table/room and a Hospitality tote to include such items as small feminine products, Kleenex, band aids, etc.  Acts as POC for all volunteers as well as to the service branch base volunteer coordinator. 


Marketing Director |  Maintains the Conference website and social media pages.  Coordinates with the Director to create and disseminate publicity items (flyers, brochures, forms, programs, etc.).  Works closely with the Public Affairs Office for the host service installation to arrange publicity such as press releases, guest speaker interviews, etc. 

Parliamentarian |  Advises the Board on parliamentary procedures as stated in Robert's Rules of Order.  Maintains up-to-date parliamentary documents to include, but are not limited to, job descriptions, policies and procedures, Constitution, etc.   

Registration |  Maintains a running list of registered attendees.  Works closely with other Board members to coordinate classes, packet pick-up, etc.  Makes nametags for Conference attendees, instructors, hostesses/hosts, and Board members. 

Retail Sales |  Coordinates delivery of products prior to the Conference.  Maintains inventory and is responsible for all items approved by the Board.  Runs retail sales at the Conference, with proper sales tax. 

Secretary |  Handles all incoming and outgoing correspondence on behalf of the Joint Spouses' Conference. Works with the Director to prepare and maintain Board documents including, but not limited to, meeting minutes, reports, Constitution, and policies & procedures.  

Service (Base) Liaison & Transportation |  Assists with the logistics and organization of transportation (busses/shuttles) to/from workshop locations away from the general Conference  prior to and during the Conference.  Maintains detailed coordination with the Board regarding any transportation-based conference needs.  Procures the Color Guard for Conference day and coordinates all pertinent information in their regards.  Ensures any and all private transportation companies have the proper identification and passes to arrive and enter the respective bases as needed. 

​Treasurer |  Leads in preparing and adhering to a budget.  Handles all financial responsibilities for the Joint Spouses' Conference including, but not limited to, recording all receipts and disbursements; depositing funds in JSC bank accounts; assisting Donations & Fundraising to complete and submit grant requests; preparing necessary tax returns; and coordinating an annual financial audit. 

Vendor Liaison |  Acts as the liaison between vendors, the event location, and the Deputy Director. If needed, obtains base access for exhibitors.  Collaborates with the Board in organizing such things as the Marketplace, takeaway bags, etc. 

Workshops |  Establishes workshops for the Conference, to include inviting previous instructors and seeking new and exciting topics and instructors.  Maintains detailed agreements in writing between instructors and the Joint Spouses' Conference.  Obtains needed equipment and is responsible for classroom setup and equipment troubleshooting.  Coordinates parking for instructors and works with Transportation.  Maintains a working relationship with the Board to allow optimal coordination for the Conference.