Join our Team

Be apart of the conference from the beginning.

These position will have a Chair and Co-Chair and meet Monthly. 

Join a Committe

Your 2018 conference is extra special this year being hosted by spouses from the USCG and the USMC. JSC is very excited to announce our new 2018 Executive Board!  
Kifferi Franklin (USCG) - Director
Milinda Rau (USMC) - Deputy Director
Raele Scott (USA-Ret) - Treasurer
Ling Jackson (USCG) - Secretary

We have several Board Members who have open Committee positions and would love your help and input! You could help with our decorating committee, our fundraising committee, our registration committee, selling t-shirts and other goodies, and more. 

If you are interested in helping please email our Volunteer Coordinator.

In addition to attending the conference themselves, these volunteers assist conference attendees in getting to and from their workshops. As a benefit to this, conference hosts/hostesses receive a discounted conference ticket.

This will be an “all hands on deck” day, and we’ll need plenty of help in getting tables and centerpieces set, hanging and placing signs and decor, and more!

Day Before Set up Crew

Day of Conference Host/Hostess

Board Members